To do it yourself or not to do it yourself, that is the question.


There has been a lot written about house painting as it relates to doing it yourself vs hiring a professional painter to do it. There are a couple reasons you might do it yourself; money and satisfaction.

The primary reason is to save money. Depending on what part of the country you live in, having a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house painted could run between $2500 and $4000 depending on the condition of the walls and surfaces. The job would typically take at least 4 or 5 full days to complete. This is a lot of money to be parting with and it is very tempting to do it yourself. And if you have the time and skill level, it is relatively un-complicated. However frequently do-it-yourselfers get frustrated by tying up that kind of time.

The second reason for doing it yourself is satisfaction. If you enjoy doing these types of projects and do not feel you are sacrificing time that could be spent doing other things you might prioritize, then this is a good way to go and it will certainly save you a lot of money.

There are sites, like Chesterfield Painters, which explain the details and costs more deeply. This site should be reviewed if you are debating the pros and cons of doing it yourself.

For a history of house painting a great site filled with information is .


If you are looking for concrete work, there are fewer options than with painters, but still some things to consider before making a choice. Obviously this type of work is much more challenging than painting as far as the DIYer is concerned. Even a small project can involve some know-how in order to get it right.

With this type of work, it is almost always beneficial to hire a licensed contractor to do it. Concrete work can be expensive to have done, but it is laborious and involved to get it right. Concrete that is not properly reinforced can crack easily and the end product could quickly become an eyesore.

The amount and type of reinforcement is based on the loads it is intended to support. An experienced contractor will know these things. We recommend this site for all your concrete work. This site is very informative and can help to clear up some of the confusion surrounding work with concrete.

Unless you have some experience working with concrete, and have all the equipment required to do the job right, taking a DIY approach to concrete work is risky and often ends is disappointment.


Insulation, like painting, is the type of project more conducive to doing yourself vs hiring a contractor. But it is also not without its challenges.

For starters, insulating is done in the most inhospitable areas. You will likely be under the house or in the attic, neither of which is a good place to be. Also working with insulation can be dangerous. You should wear a mask and eye protection any time you are working with insulation, and particularly when you are insulating above you (under the house or doing a ceiling).

In order to avoid these nightmarish places, hiring the job out is the way to go. For insulation work, these are the guys you want.


Septic work requires a lot of specialized equipment, and as you can imagine is somewhat nasty work, so hiring a professional is always the way to go here. There are good septic system repair companies and plenty of websites that describe these systems in detail. One such site, Knee Deep Septic, has a lot of valuable information.


The siding really makes a house stand out. There are lots of choices, each with its own character and costs. Some styles have been around for a century or more, while others are relatively new.

There are many choices including vinyl, metal, stucco, stone, brick, wood bevel, wood board and batten, and fiber cement. Each comes with its own set of challenges to get it installed right, and the costs involved with incorrect installation can be extreme.

If you are a DIYer and have the right tools, you can pull off some of these. Others require a contractor. You should do a lot of research before selecting a contractor as many of these are very complex and require specialized skills. You want to make sure the contractor has a long history of installing the various types of siding and a lot of references also.

A good site to gather a ton of information is Richmond Virginia Siding. They have a very thorough site that will give you everything to need to know.